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3 Smart Appliances For Kitchen – 2019 Trends

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  in Las Vegas and Kitchen and International Show (KBIS) in Orlando, Florida showcased kitchen appliances manufactured by GE, Samsung and Whirlpool.  The  kitchen appliances trend is so called “guided cooking“, the innovation for guaranteed success that takes you step by step through recipes to achieve perfect results.


Busy people, amateur cooks only need to add the ingredients and follow on the screen simple instructions provided by apps or build-in touch screens.  How it works: Hestan Cue’s burner, for example. Using the iOS or Android app, you select a recipe. The app will instruct you to press the power button, then the “next” button, and the pan heats up very fast, typically within a couple of minutes.


Or a Thermomix Blender.  It in includes a slot for a recipe chip, a scale, heating element, a stainless steel jug and 4 blades.  To follow a recipe, you click on the menu button on the touchscreen, and go to cookbook. And then hitting “next” button on the touch screen and you’ll be taken through each step.  The follow-along steps make it pretty difficult to screw up the included recipes, but they’re also pretty customizable. Thermomix is extremely popular in many countries around the world.

While smart fridges, ranges, and ovens have been on the market for years, they’re just now catching up!

It is possible that we will soon see that a fridge will be able to choose a recipe for you based on your likes and the groceries you have stored, then send it to your oven for preheating. Meantime on one of your many screens, videos play to help you understand and practice the new techniques. Whirlpool, for example, assures that it is coming.

3. YUMMY 2.0

Whirlpool Smart Appliances were also showcased in CES, where it presented Yummy 2.0, which will integrate with some of its smart ovens. Whirlpool has acquired Yummly, an app that finds recipes based on your likes and dislikes, as well as skill level and time commitment. Tutorials and videos are integrated into the app, which can also send instructions to a connected oven or microwave.

If the recipe requires more cups of water, the message goes to the smart fridge, which will dispense just the right amount!