The Best Fridge

 A fridge is an expensive household equipment, so some people buy it for several years at once, and sometimes for decades. The choice of the refrigerator should be approached very responsibly…

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Refrigerator Does Not Work, But The Light Is On

Today each house is filled with modern household appliances: a washing machine, a microwave oven, a refrigerator. Everything  works, periodically informing the user about the problems. It happens that the technique works visually, but in fact it does not work. Speaking of the refrigerator we should say that it often happens that the technology does not hum, and the light is on. (more…)

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Washing Machine Suddenly Begins to Wash Longer

Washing can last from 20-30 minutes to several hours. The time depends on different circumstances. For example, from what program you ask, which washing machine you have and so on.  Why does a washing machine wash longer?

It’s okay if the washing does not end five minutes after it starts. It’s quite another matter if you previously set the program and the washing machine did the laundry in 40 minutes. And now it does the same washing with the same program in two hours. This is no longer normal. And in this case it is necessary to understand what caused this change. (more…)

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