Best Kitchen Tech 2019

The year 2019 is marked with unique design and smart technologies in kitchen appliances. Smart appliances can make your cooking really easy and fun. You can enjoy smart coffee-makers, microwaves, precision cookers, grill masters and what not! Most are internet connected so you can adjust your tech through Amazon or Google applications. Some have video chat and video-making capabilities while others can be adjusted remotely, even when you are shopping! (more…)

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Tips on Appliance Maintenance

Keep your home appliances running longer.

Periodic maintenance of your everyday home appliances will keep them running longer. Don’t wait for your appliance to malfunction as the repairs may be costly or you may need to replace it. Here are a few things everyone should do in order to keep their everyday home appliances in shape. (more…)

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Dirty Dryer Vent Can Cause Serious Fire Hazard

Winter coming to the end; and this is the right time for starting to clean the ventilation tubes from all kinds of snow throwers. They make dirt in the vents preventing air freely leave the tubes. The same is true to dryer ventilation tube.  This task you can either do yourself or ask for professional assistance. For example cleaning lint from the filter is a easier, then cleaning lint clogging the dryer vent.  If it is not cleaned, it could cause fire hazard.

So, dirty dryer serious problems! (more…)

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GE Refrigerators’ Benefits

GE appliance offers large selection of GE refrigerators not only with different styles, colors and types but also with benefits over traditional refrigerators. What benefits do GE refrigerators have?
Read about GE refrigerators and make the right choice!
1) GE French Door Refrigerators have full width storage drawers, drop down trays, quick space shelves as well as innovative features like the   brewing system, hot water dispenser, hands-free AutoFill, Precise Fill, and advanced water filtration – removing 98% of 5 trace pharmaceuticals from water and ice.


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