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5 Steps For Easy Diagnostics Of A Dishwasher

What is happening?  You open the dishwasher to empty the dishwasher and organize your clean plates, however, they are not clean! Water flew over the dishes all the time! What was the problem: food particles are on the dishes.

What will cause the dishwasher cleaning effectively?  Dishwashers daily wear and tear cause the parts to dishwasherwear to the point that they just do not work properly.  For example: the spray arms can become built with dirt and will not be rotating or spinning anymore.

You need to take the following 4 easy steps to check the arms, before calling the mechanics:

  1. Open the dishwasher door, remove the dishes away to investigate the arms of the spin.
  2. Unscrew the cap of the spray arm by turning the cap clockwise.
  3. Lift the arm up and out.
  4. Remove any food remnant.  Use toothbrush for cleaning.
  5. Place it back and test again.

If cleaning the spin does not solve the problem, the cause can be in other places, such as a pump, or motor.  Sometimes even cleaning the spin is a  solution, because it quickly can build up again.

Time to call Harbor Appliance Technician for dishwasher repair.