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Fridge Repair – Fridge Not Cooling

As a household, we face sometimes more serious issues with our refrigerators, and we need to call technician. So many of us start to search on Google: refrigerator repair near me, fridge repair near me or even fridge repair cost. However, some curious households like to diagnose fridge problems themselves. Here are some hints:

Complex malfunctions

There are some of the most difficult reasons for self-correcting why the refrigerator does not cool.
If the engine tries to work continuously for a while, and you can hear the sounds of the running motor, but then it turns off, and there is still no cold, the motor compressor may most likely not start. Noisy clicks are heard, after 5-15 seconds the motor compressor drones – so the thermal protection that is in the thermal relay is triggered. In this case, the motor tries to start again after 3-4 minutes.

Why this can happen:

  • defective relay;
  • broken starting capacitor;
  • the engine burnt out.

What can be done? The relay is fastened to the motor compressor; take a look at the relay, if it sometimes clicks, then it’s usable, and if it’s “silent”, then it should be changed.

The capacitor for starting the motor can checked by the tester. Before testing, the capacitor must be discharged through resistance. The arrow of the tester, which is set to measure the resistance, must immediately leave, and then return to its original position – the capacitor is working.

If it is normal, and the unit still does not cool, then the burnt out motor can only changed by the technician.

Freon leak

If the engine is running for a long time, but does not cool, and the condenser on the engine is cold, Freon is leaking from the system.  If you had taken a frozen piece of meat from the cooler, trying to tear it off from the icy wall of the evaporator, it is most possible that you made a micro crack in the evaporator; or strong vibration during prolonged operation caused this trouble.

Moving the fridge can also break the tubes coming from the compressor to the evaporator. Try finding where Freon leaks, but it is not easy.

What to do in this case? Call the Harbor Technician :), because without special equipment you cannot manage to fix it.

If the refrigerator does not cool, capillaries can also be clogged, through which refrigerant is fed. And the problem can only be fixed using special equipment. In order to clean the system, you need special equipment. Then it is necessary to evacuate the system and refuel the Freon.

No Frost System Heater

If you have a refrigerator with No Frost system, then the reason it’s not cooling could be different. Dry freezing systems not cooling because the thermal electric heater may stop working. Probably the fan has been frozen.  First of all, you need to defrost the refrigerator and check the heaters. If it is necessary, replace them.