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GE Appliances Engineers Provide Cooking Algorithm for Different Food Types

Feature phones are perfect for people who want more than just to make a phone call, but possibly don’t want to spend a lot of money on a fully-fledged smartphone. Almost the same happens in the smart kitchen home appliances case! The finely tuned ovens are not new in the kitchens; they come with numbers of selections to be customized for cooking, baking to make cooking easier and faster.

However,  now we notice that, new experiences are brought to kitchen: intelligence and innovation take over the traditional ways of making food. So called “assisted cooking, “guided cooking” are taking over.  Cook and learn smart kitchen apps guide even amateur cooks to quickly gain knowledge and experience making good food.


GE Appliancesengineers have designed  a new wall oven, which allows to customize settings for a specific food rather than a group of foods.  The LCD screen allows customization of the ovens for the unlimited cooking algorithms.  GE Appliances’ ovens are not altering the cooking tips, rather they deliver it in a smarter way.

For example, instead of digging in a manual to find out where and how to bake a beef ribs, now all the information is displayed on the LCD screen on the oven. These instructions and cooking tips can be updated using wi- fi connection.

These connected GE ovens also are designed to be a partner in the kitchen. It is possible to preheat the oven over the phone using the voice commands, and even connect to smoke detector for safety purposes.