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How To Organize Your Fridge – 7 Hacks

It’s very important to organize your fridge, not only for saving place but also to keep food fresh longer.  Do you know any hacks to organize your fridge?
Here are some tips for organizing your fridge right:

1. Keep things in labeled baskets.

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2. Keep eggs on the middle shelf and better keep them in the original cartons.

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3. Keep your milk, pasteurized juice, butter, cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise on the door.
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4. Keep the yogurts and sour creams on accessible place to make their expiration dates more visible.
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5. Keep raw meat and seafood in the shallow meat drawer or in the bottom shelf.
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 6. Keep vegetables in a drawer with a high humidity, where they’ll stay fresh longer. Keep them in plastic bags and unwashed (water can promote bacteria to grow).
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7. Keep fruit in a drawer with a low humidity. Also keep in plastic bags and unwashed before use.
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Organize your fridge and forget about it repair!