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Are you looking for an appliance repair service?

Why Choose Harbor Appliance Repair?

Our company has its own approach to appliance repair. Today there are so many companies and our goal is to have the best relations with our customers so that Harbor Appliance Repair will always be near you and be trusted.

Service Call  Hours

We work from 8am till 6pm

Our specialists come for your equipment and take it to the service center, where it will be examined. After inspecting household appliances and calling you, the specialists will explain what the fault is and its cause, the repair price and the time of the repair work.

By calling us on the phone, you can agree on a convenient for you day and time reception of the master of household appliances repair. Urgent repair of household appliances is possible too.

To avoid losing your time while repairing when placing an order, name the brand of your household appliances, possibly a full model including letters and numbers. The complete information about your model is, as a rule, behind the home appliances on the sticker.


When Repair is complete

Service Center accepts the repair of   appliances of almost all world manufacturers. Even if you are lucky enough to become the owner of such rare models , we will return them lost working capacity, giving an obligatory guarantee for all repair work!

After repairing we provide all possible information about the work so that you can be aware of the quality of the provided service.

Make an Informed Decision

If you have not made a decision yet, our written prices are the same!

Only call and we are ready to help !

You will have full information to help you make an informed decision. If you do not want to have it repaired right then, our written price estimate is good for 90 days, and you only owe for the service call at the time of diagnosis.

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