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Refrigerator Ice Maker, Dispenser Not Working: Causes

Refrigerator is something, you can’t live without. Any time of the year, but especially in a hot summer time. Everything gets melted right away. Even water from a tub is so warm, it is not able to cut your thirst. The fridge ice maker, dispenser control panel lights up but there’s no sound whatsoever when you push the dispenser to get water… No ice has been made.

When you push fridge ice maker, dispenser and nothing is happening at all, there could be 3 possible parts that cause this problem:


Cause #1: Dispenser Control Board that regulates the dispensing functions, can be damaged.





Cause #2: Dispenser Switch can be defective.





Cause #3: Door Switch can fail.



For the most accurate causes and fixing, contact nearby plummer!

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