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Samsung Fridge Refrigerator Water Under Drawer

Why Samsung refrigerator has water under fridge drawers? This is very annoying! Wetness under the fridge causes veggies and fruits to get rotten quicker in the water.

Something should be wrong with the defrost drain tube!  

This tube is part of the fridge defrost cycle. It allows water flow from the evaporator drip tray. If the refrigerator defrost drain tube is blocked up, this can can cause water to drip and accumulate under the drawers.


To repair fridge tube blockage issue, we need first to thaw the drain area.  Then clean the drain hole from ice and other remnant to allow the condensate water flow through the defrost drain tube.

However, it appears that Samsung manufacturers’ drain line is narrow.  And so, we need to widen the tube to prevent from repeat blockage in that area.