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The best dishwasher

Everyone desires to have the best dishwasher. People search, read and ask one another…

Dishwasher is a very convenient household equipment that washes any dirt from any surfaces of dishes. It is able to save a lot of time and effort to a housewife. Some of them are economical in terms of water consumption and electricity, besides they have an excellent price-performance ratio. How to buy the best dishwasher? We offer something interesting for you to read!

Top 5 dishwashers

Bosch SMS 44GI00

This product has the function of gentle washing, which avoids the corrosion of glass, which may occur due to too soft water. The machine automatically adjusts the hardness of the water, not allowing the reduction of this indicator below pH dishwasher

In the process, the water circulates immediately in 5 levels – this technology provides a good economy. Two levels of circulation are located in the upper beam, the same in the bottom and one is a separate shower mounted on the ceiling of the chamber. This technology allows water to pass even in the most inaccessible places, removing any contamination.

Electrolux ESF 2400

This dishwasher produced by the most modern technologies, looks very attractive. It has compact dimensions: 60 cm in height, about 50 cm in width. About 6 sets of dishes can be put in the washing chamber – quite enough for a small family.

The machine consumes the minimum amount of electricity – the class of its energy consumption is the highest A +. During one wash cycle 6.5 liters of water are consumed. The dishwasher has a sufficient number of programs. In particular, the usual, intensive, delicate, express washing is provided, and there is also an economical mode. If necessary, you can use the function of additional rinsing. The machine can operate in four temperature conditions.

Bosch SPS 53E02

It can load up to 9 sets of dishes, there are five modes of operation, including one automatic.

The dishwasher is equipped with a unique function IntensiveZone. If it is activated, then in the upper basket the dishes will be washed according to the chosen program, and water will be supplied to the lower one under increased pressure and heated to a higher temperature. The upper basket can be adjusted in height. The tray for detergents has an original form, due to which it will dissolve completely.

Hansa ZWM 416

Designed for the simultaneous loading of 9 sets of dishes, in the process of washing no more than 9 liters of water is spent, during one cycle 0.7 kW of energy is consumed. During the last rinse, hot water is used, completely rinsing detergent residues.

The machine has reliable leakage protection. Detergents can be used in the kit – salt, rinse aid and the composition itself. The machine has six programs of work and five temperature regimes. If necessary, it cannot be fully loaded, but only half. Inside you can find holders for plates, cutlery, glasses and so on.

Candy CDCP 6/E

In this ranking, dishwashers in 2019, it is one of the most compact, which allows you to install it even in a small-sized kitchen. The model will be perfectly located under the sink or on the table. The appearance is beautiful, on the front side there is a convenient panel with several buttons and indicators. The capacity is insignificant – only six sets of dishes are placed in the chamber, but this will be quite enough for a small family.appliance repair near me san diego

There is a decent amount of operating modes: intensive washing (for dishes with serious dirt), everyday washing, a program for fragile items such as wine glasses, porcelain made from tea or coffee sets, fast washing, an economical washing.

It is very economical  for water, and dirty dishes. This model does not provide a quick rinse.

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