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Why Should We Use General Electric Washers?

What do you know about General Electric washers? Why should we use General Electric washers? What are their advantages?

Microprocessor control systems for washing machines to the limit make it easier to use the machine. For example, the owner of a washing machine with a control system “6th sense” is sufficient to install a selector on the type of fabric that he is going to wash. On the display, he reads the washing temperature set by the machine for this type of fabric, the spin speed of the drum during spinning and the estimated washing time. If desired, he can enter the menu and adjust the parameters proposed by the machine. But it will not allow him to wring out wool products at 1200 rpm or to set the delicate tissues for boiling.

General Electric washing machinesWorking with such a washing machine is reminiscent of communicating with a computer: if necessary, you can enter into the Fuzzy Wizard program from the touch screen of the machine, which will help you select the desired operating mode of the machine and the most suitable of the additional functions.

Optical sensor Clear Water determines the degree of water contamination and, if necessary, activates additional rinsing of the laundry. This is especially important for children and people, sensitive even to the smallest residue of detergents. The sensor detects the presence of dirt, detergent, thread, scale in the water and determines how many rinses are needed to remove them (the machine can produce up to three additional rinses). This sensor interferes with the operation of the machine when executing the programs “Cotton“, “Synthetic“, “Gentle washing“, MIX mixed cloth washing programs, SPORT sportswear washing programs.

In the washing machines of General Electric of the latest generation there is another very important  sensor – excess foaming. Too much foam aggravates the results of washing. Moreover, if

GE washer repair San Diego pricesthe foam is over the edge, it can reach the electrical components of the machine and cause a short circuit. The sensor detects an excessive amount of foam, and at its signal, the washing machine automatically reduces the foam level to normal. For this, water is drained from the tank and additional rinsing is carried out: fresh water dilutes excess foam and flushes it from the tank.

Taking the opportunity, let’s advise: even if your washing machine is equipped with smart electronics, use only detergents specially designed for automatic washing machines, and when the detergent is dosed, follow the manufacturer’s instructions (take into account the water hardness, the weight of the laundry and the degree of its soiling).

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