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6 Washing Hacks to Wash Your Clothes without Blotchy Stains

It often happens that even expensive stain removers do not cope with stains on your favorite things. But there is still a way out!

The secret of washing clothes is: add natural ingredients in the washing process, which will help to cope with the pollution of any complexity.

The main advantages of their use are availability, efficiency and low risk of spoiling the tissue.

Take a note!

1. The main method of staining
It is excellent for removing any stains. Add a spoonful of baking soda to a bowl of water, soak the stainedwashing machine cloth in it and leave for 30 minutes. Then just wash in a suitable mode in the washing machine.

2. Remove grease stains
Once you notice a greasy stain on your clothes, sprinkle it with talc or cornstarch and leave it overnight. In the morning you just should rinse with water and wash in the washing machine.

3. Removing stains from perspiration
Mix in a 1:2 ratio of liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide and wash the thing in the washing machine. Or just treat the stain with this mixture and leave for an hour. Then just rinse the thing in cold water.

washing machine repair San Diego4. Removing dirt from daily washing
Just add a glass of white vinegar when washing. This technique will help get rid of small spots and the smell of sweat on clothes.

5. Remove persistent stains
It is necessary to grind 5 tablets of usual aspirin and throw it into the machine. The result will definitely make you happy!

6. Elimination of bacteria
washingIn this case, there is nothing better than lemon juice! Just add the lemon juice during the washing process. This method will clean the fabric and maintain the brightness of the colors.