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Why The Washing Machine Does Not Wring

The washing machine is the subject of household appliances, without which the management process is no longer present. It is absolutely in every house and in every apartment. And mistresses are hard to remember what everyday hand washing is. Especially if you need to wash bed linens or a huge number of children’s things, which the kid manages to smear in minutes.

In short, a washing machine made our life easier. But, like any technique, it can break down. The most frequent problem faced by the master is the violation of the spin function. That is, the  washing machine collects water, washes, but it does not wring. Why does not the washing machine wring out the laundry? And what should we do?

Why does not the washing machine wring out?

Many people may think that the lack of spin is not a problem. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why the washing machine  has stopped working. For example:

The wash program is not set correctly, the spin function is deactivated or the gentle washing mode is on;

The problem with the sink . Probably, blockage or failure in the program of the device, because of which the drain does not work;

  • The brushes of the engine became unusable;
  • Faulty electronic module;
  • Problems with the water level sensor;
  • The ten stopped working;
  • Overload of the drum, that is, a large number of things are laid;
  • Tax generator broke;
  • The engine stopped working.

With each possible problem you need to work separately. Since it can become the first bell, signalling that the device will soon become unusable.

Gentle wash mode

Under what regime should we wash the laundry? Modern washing machines have a huge number of functions. For example, gentle washing. Developers have tried for the consumer and created a mode that delicate things are not damaged when washing. The spinning can be switched off by itself, simply by pressing a button.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully inspect the interface of the machine. It is possible that the mode for washing thin linen is selected or spinning is off. In this case, you need to change the program and try to wash again. If this method does not work, then you need to understand further.washing machine

Overloading with linen

This problem occurs quite often. Due to the fact that the drum is overloaded with laundry, the washing machine does not work. When the machine starts to squeeze, it tries to spin the drum to the desired speed. But because of the heaviness of wet clothes, it cannot do this. Consequently, the laundry remains without squeezing.

To avoid such a problem, you must carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer. Typically, it indicates the permissible amount of things that the machine can withstand. Experts advise avoiding overloading, as this reduces the life of the device.

To solve the problem, you need to pull out half of the things. That is, it will have to be achieved in parts. You can also try to distribute things evenly over the drum. But this method may not work and further can damage the device.

Solving complex problems

Above, simple malfunctions were considered. But in order to solve the problems presented below, you will need to comply with safety regulations.

The first thing you need to do before starting the repair is to disconnect the washing machine from the electrical network, that is, pull the plug from the socket. It is also advisable to remove or disconnect all electrical appliances standing nearby. As if water gets on them, a short circuit may occur.

Drain pump malfunctionwashing machine repair price San Diego

The sink is the first problem why a washing machine does not squeeze out laundry. If there is a problem with the sink, then it is very easy to determine it. It is enough to open the drum and look into it. If there is water in it, then the diagnosis is completed and the cause of the breakdown is determined. It happens that the problem with the drain can be seen right away, when the machine does not drain the water at all, and the tank remains full of water. In this case, do not try to open a drum full of water , it will go away itself during the repair process.

To solve this problem, the first thing to do is to check if the drain or the nozzle is clogged. The door leading to the sink, as a rule, is located in the lower left corner. It can be seen right away. Before opening the window, you need to raise the machine, about 15 cm, and fix it. Just in case, prepare a few rags and a bucket. All this is necessary so that when the sink is opened, stagnant water does not spread over the floor. Next, after opening the door, you need to pull out the drain filter and clean it. Then insert it back, connect the machine to the electricity and try again.

If everything turned out – then the fault is found. But if you the washing machine still does not squeeze out, then you need to continue the diagnosis.

Brush motor worn

The symptom of wear on the brush is a pause, which occurs when the washing machine goes into spin mode. In order to solve the problem, you need to disassemble the case of the device. When parsing a person needs to be very careful and he should remember the location of parts and wires.

How do you know that the brush has worn off? Answer: in length. When the brush is removed, you need to measure it. The normal length is approximately 15 cm. The erased brush is no more than 5 cm. If the part has really worn off, then it needs to be changed urgently.

The water level sensor broke

Breakdown of the drainage mechanism

The water level sensor signals the system that the water has drained. If before washing   the washing machine hangs for a short while, then, perhaps, the problem is with this part. And because of it spinning does not work   in the washing machine.

The fact is that when the machine finished washing, it signals the beginning of the discharge of water and that the water has completely merged. But if the system does not get it,   it cannot start squeezing   and finishes washing. The trouble is that the water level sensors are not repairable. They can only be replaced. To do this, it is better to call a master, as replacing parts is a very delicate process, requiring experience in work.

Breakdown and brand of  the washing machine

Each of the firms that manufacture washing machines has its pros and cons. And each of them has its weak points, which, when overloaded, can break down. The most popular and expensive models are LG and Indesit. Problems with them need to be considered first.