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Washing Machine Suddenly Begins to Wash Longer

Washing can last from 20-30 minutes to several hours. The time depends on different circumstances. For example, from what program you ask, which washing machine you have and so on.  Why does a washing machine wash longer?

It’s okay if the washing does not end five minutes after it starts. It’s quite another matter if you previously set the program and the washing machine did the laundry in 40 minutes. And now it does the same washing with the same program in two hours. This is no longer normal. And in this case it is necessary to understand what caused this change.

In this article, we will analyze the main reasons that the machine suddenly began to wash for a lot longer than before.

Incorrect connection during installation

Incorrect connection of the washing machine. This is one of the frequent causes of such a malfunction. It happens when you install new household appliances. Or when you move the old one to a new location. Incorrect connection can cause a sink. That is, the water is recruited into the tank and immediately merges into the sewer from it. The level switch tells the control module that the water is too little for washing. It, in turn, gives the command to the water. And the pouring water continues to flow. And this can happen for a very long time.  Therefore, some people can decide that the machine just washes and washes and cannot stop.washing machine washes longer

In order to solve the problem, you can buy and install a special siphon for the drain hose. It is also worth checking whether the drain hose is properly installed. Recommendations on how high it should be you can read in the instructions. If this hose has been lengthened by you, then there is a likelihood of such a malfunction. Another reason can be a failure of the pump to drain water (pump).

The drain hose or pump filter is clogged

If the hose or filter is heavily clogged with various debris, the water will not so quickly leave the tank of the washing machine. Often, the blockage occurs due to falling into the machine of some foreign objects. For example: coins, pins, pieces from a bra and other small things. Also, various coils of threads, hair and other debris can prevent the drainage of water.

To prevent such a nuisance, you should regularly clean these parts of the washing machine!

Malfunction of the heating element (TEN) of the washing machine

Another reason that the machine has become longer to wash, can be a faulty heater. If the heater is broken completely, then it just stops heating water. And if it just started to mess up, then the time that is necessary to give water the right temperature, increases.

A washing machine does not continue washing until the water is heated to the required number of degrees. And if the heating occurs very slowly, respectively, and the washing will last longer.

If the heating element is defective, it must be replaced with a new one. For this, you can call the repairman of washing machines. Or you can change the TEN yourself. On our site you can easily find instructions on how to replace this part of the washing machine without any problems.

There are other reasons for too long washing:

The nipples that are inside the machine may become clogged. In this case it is necessary to find them and clean them.
Leaned or pinched one of the hoses. It is necessary to inspect the drain and filling hoses. And if it is necessary, straighten them so that the water can pass better. It is also possible that the water pipe   just has a weak water pressure. To check, open the tap and see how much water is there. If it flows barely, then you can clarify  if the pressure is weak throughout the house. Then call the housing and utilities and specify when it will be adjusted.
The wiring or the electronic control module could be damaged. If the problem is in the wiring, then it must be repaired. And if the case in the module, then we recommend that you call a specialist. The module is a very expensive part. And we do not recommend doing it without  experience and skills.